Day 003: Stay-Home Days


Sickness. No one likes having these days.  But I’m beginning to understand why it’s necessary to just stay home all day and recover.  The thing about being a fairly new teacher is that you are almost guaranteed to have every imagineable contagion enter your body no matter how often you sanitize, take ColdFX, and pray.  

I do what I can to prevent this.  But, let’s be perfectly honest, here.  These Vitamin C Halls drops are basically my grown up candy to help ease the sickness.  :p

Day 002: Balance


It was interesting talking to my loved ones about this project. While many remember my days of photoblogging, there are a handful that wonder what happened to that girl. Where did she go? She was so passionate.

Like I mentioned in my last post, life happened. I got into a long-term relationship…

Day 001: First Impressions


I’m back. At least, for now, I think I am. We’ll see how long I can get through this project. The premise is to summarize or highlight a part of my day, every day, for a whole year. Previously, I was able to make it through 1 and a half full projects.

And then, like it always does, life happens. Other things become a priority. Now that things have settled down, it’s time to get back to me.

Girl Sees World

NEW BLOG.  Project 365, round 3!  This time, with a nifty fifty lens on the Canon!